How can I look into your auburn eyes When the light of your soul is so blinding More radiant than the sun in our skies Purer than when a thousand angels sing Winter wanes in your perpetual spring Chased by the glow of your fiery hair Into my heart that never stops burning Into this inextinguishable prayer Life without you is living without air Is locked away for an eternity If I turn around and you are not there I would be a river without the sea For you are the fire that burns my veins You are the sun for the rest of my days
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The South

Constantia Heights with her green belt Sparkling pearls and quiet comfort — towers Fynbos dunes lost in pallid plains and flats   The restless Cape Doctor ruffles my hair Shakes people and tickles old oaks — scatters Relics and phantoms into the pale sky   Ants wrestle desperately in the long grass I wrestle black ink on white paper We wrestle institutions of the past   Hottentots Hollands mountains sits quieted Observant, dark, grey and distant — ponders The ocean’s weight / The swoop of a swallow     Benedikt Sebastian
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