The Pirate and the Girl with stars in her eyes

He was a pirate. You could see it from the sword in the one hand and the patch over his eye. He told everyone that one day he would be the most fearsome pirate to ever sail the ocean. His tiny little brain was packed full of treasure seeking adventures and of fighting bandits on the seven seas.  A few days after his eighth birthday, five people broke into their house. They killed his father and brother and raped his sister and mother, before they finished them off. He was hiding in a pretend cave under his bed when this happened. When they left they also killed Billy, the dog. Cut his fucking head off.  After that he didn’t want to be a pirate anymore. He was forced into an orphanage where he got into a lot of trouble all the time. He hated the mass produced food, the cold rooms, the colder people and the occasional insults from the older boys that eventually turned into inappropriate sexual abuse. He went from being a straight A student to failing two years in a row. Then another year and then — fuck school. Fuck the system. That attitude came with new […]
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