Author: strangelove

  • The Author

    The Author

    The author, in his work, must be like God in the Universe, present everywhere and visible nowhere. Gustave Flaubert



    How can I look into your auburn eyes When the light of your soul is so blinding More radiant than the sun in our skies Purer than when a thousand angels sing Winter wanes in your perpetual spring Chased by the glow of your fiery hair Into my heart that…

  • The Pirate and the Girl with stars in her eyes

    The Pirate and the Girl with stars in her eyes

    He was a pirate. You could see it from the sword in the one hand and the patch over his eye. He told everyone that one day he would be the most fearsome pirate to ever sail the ocean. His tiny little brain was packed full of treasure seeking adventures…

  • You or Me

    You or Me

    I’m sitting, waiting and thinking of you somewhere that side thinking of me, we know tonight only one of us will remain the other will settle his final debt. In the distance I see a silhouette — War is raw backwards but raw is a hymn made of explosions, cracked…

  • Dead Zone

    Dead Zone

    As I take the call, I step into a puddle of water, maybe it’s piss, maybe it’s blood from a mutated rat — I don’t bother to look. It’s after six and past my afternoon confession time with Jomo, and his generous hand.  I try to shake whatever I stepped…

  • The South

    The South

    Constantia Heights with her green belt Sparkling pearls and quiet comfort — towers Fynbos dunes lost in pallid plains and flats   The restless Cape Doctor ruffles my hair Shakes people and tickles old oaks — scatters Relics and phantoms into the pale sky   Ants wrestle desperately in the…

  • Menan


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